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Integrated Outdoor Enclosures

Integrated Outdoor Enclosures

  • Integrated Outdoor Enclosures

  • Nema 3R enclosure locking

  • Fire Rated

  • Integrated Hvac system

  • Hydrogen sensors

  • Outdoor models

  • Direct vent system for manufacturing

Power Rating: 480v, 120/240v, 120/208v, 208v

Can contain UPS, Inverter System, Battery System, Bypass, electrical distribution, fire.


Integrate indoor clean air system for indoor factory and process environments.


Land Enclosure system on roof, outdoor pad, near power distribution.


Integrated monitoring and remote alert system available.


Custom dimensions and materials for configured systems. Use with any UPS, Battery and Inverter System.


Larger systems to contain Generator, UPS, Inverter, Battery, and Power Distribution.

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