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Our Service Plans


Improved Reliability for the Entire Site

Facilities with critical power infrastructure need to maintain a constant supply of clean and reliable power that will keep business operating at all times. To help protect your entire electrical infrastructure—from the utility meter and the UPS to the critical load— Facility Gateway offers a comprehensive array of services that can promote continuous operation of controls and equipment during a power loss. Without an effective diagnostics and maintenance program, critical power system components (such as battery systems) are prone to failure.


Single Point of Contact with Worldwide Sourcing

Operating from a worldwide network of service centers with a large critical

spare parts inventory, our highly trained repair specialists work at a schedule

that accommodates your site needs. With extensive experience across multiple brands of equipment, they can free your plant personnel to focus on their core competencies. In order to ensure an effective and rapid response, Facility Gateway provides a single point of contact to coordinate all of your service needs.

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Uninterruptible Revenue Stream

To avoid potential loss of revenue streams from unplanned outages, Facility Gateway designs preventive maintenance programs that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your site. The programs reduce long-term maintenance cost and capital expenditures.


Expert Inspection and Maintenance Services

With several years of in-depth experience on equipment across the industry, Facility Gateway specialists have the required range of skills to protect your operation from power interruptions. Expert interpretation of inspection data allows our engineers to provide you with the preventive or corrective services that are most appropriate for your business.

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