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UPS Products: Three Phase

Single phase UPS are specifically designed to provide small scale critical power protection for a wide range of applications such as computers, small/mid-size server rooms, IT networks, telecommunication systems, CCTV and medical equipment.


The Digital Energy LP-33 Series is a robust, high-performance UPS system that provides power protection for a wide range of mission critical applications. Every LP-33 Series unit operates in a double conversion mode with true on-line VFI (voltage and frequency independent) operation, yielding maximum levels of power protection even under the toughest conditions. In addition, the LP-33 UPS is a transformerless, high-efficiency design with low THD (total harmonic distortion), which takes up less space and is easy to install and service. The robust design makes it suitable for industrial applications as well.

Power Rating: 10kVA / 20kVA / 30kVA / 40kVA / 50kVA / 60kVA / 80kVA / 100kVA


Delivering Best-in-Class Efficiency with eBoost Technology. The GE Energy SG Series is one of the most efficient and reliable Three Phase UPS Systems, providing best-in-class output performance and critical power protection for your data center needs.The SG Series UPS solutions are designed and optimized to provide high efficiency at partial load conditions. The SG Series UPS assures low input current harmonic distortion and best-in-class output voltage regulation and dynamic response. This helps customers save operational costs while implementing environmentally-friendly solutions.

Power Rating: 10kVA - 750kVA


The TLE Series UPS brings the latest power conversion technology to the marketplace, using a three-level inverter design and a multi-mode architecture that makes real time decisions between premium protection mode and premium efficiency mode. The TLE Series UPS was developed using GE's Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) methodology to ensure that the product meets customer requirements for reliability and quality.

Power Rating: 160kW - 1500kW


GE's VCL Series UPS is a compact, lightweight and cost-effective Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that connects between the main power supply and your critical load to ensure a clean, constant and reliable source of power. The product protects your hardware and data and ensures operations are reliably maintained. The VCL Series is ideal for use in all IT network and server environments as well as Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS), petrol pumps, networking peripherals, ATMs, and parking meter applications. The full range is certified to all CE safety regulations. The VCL Series is supplied with a standard two year warranty

Power Rating: 400VA- 1500VA

tme modular ups.png

GE’s TME Series UPS is one of the most reliable three-phase UPS modular systems, designed for N+X redundancy, on-line and hot-swappable. The TME Series provides compact footprint with high power density, achieving up to 270kW guaranteeing maximum system design flexibility for any kind of application. TME provides high efficiency in all operating conditions keeping high level of protection to critical loads connected, minimizing input current distortion and consequently reducing operational costs. This makes TME a perfect choice for environmental-friendly solutions. Through their complete life cycle, all GE UPS systems are fully supported by service teams which provide world-class, 24x7 preventive and corrective services, training and application expertise.

Power Rating: 115kW - 90kW

This can contain UPS, Inverter Systems, Battery Systems, Bypasses, electrical distributions, and fire, allowing you to integrate indoor clean air system for indoor factory and process environments. This Land Enclosure system can be placed on your roof, outdoor pad, or near the power distribution. Monitoring and remote alert systems are available with custom dimensions and materials for configured systems. This may be used with any UPS, Battery and Inverter System, with larger systems to contain Generator, UPS, Inverter, Battery, and Power Distribution.

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